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Artist Statement

My current work is an exploration of domestic experience.

I incorporate and manipulate imagery which references aspects of ‘home life’, seeking to explore wider themes and emotions around domesticity.

I use print as a way to explore the fabric and textures of domestic cloth and to bring those elements into a pictorial form. I have developed ways of incorporating textiles into mono print processes with some interesting results. I have also used fabric in a soft-ground etching technique which captures the delicate detail of the threads and weave of cloth.

I use clothes to make reference to the body and to explore themes of absence, loss, longing and human relationships. I like the immediacy of inking up and taking prints from scraps of cloth or fragmented pieces of clothing. The resulting image is an imprint of something actual, raising questions about its origin and history, at the same time as being something newly created and of itself.

I often use sewing in my work sometimes as part of the cloth from which I take a print, as well as adding stitch to finished mono prints. Sewing connects my work to a feminine cultural tradition of domestic work and enables me to explore those histories and traditions through my work.

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