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Artist Statement

I attended several printmaking workshops at Sudbourne Printmakers to learn etching and woodcuts and then joined this group as a full time member in 2010.
Printmaking was something I have always wanted to try and this has really taken off now becoming a big part of my career in the Arts. In 2011 one of my etchings ‘The Cherry Tree’ was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and I have now taken part in quite a wide range of Exhibitions and other printmaking ventures.
Etching has been my primary interest in printmaking along with woodcuts and I am hoping to try out all different processes. I love the way in etching that you are using techniques that are quite timeless, some having been used for hundreds of years. I combine hard ground and soft ground etching with aquatints and burnishing to get the effects I want – sometimes all in the same print. I also like the way that you can never be quite sure exactly what the results will be and the way different types of ink and paper vary so much.
I get great pleasure and satisfaction working with my fellow printmakers at Sudbourne Printmakers. I am interested in all forms of creativity. I have been a professional photographer for many years but have also done film and video work, sculpture, life drawing, painting on glass, also I belong to the Waveney Watercolour group, and I am learning pottery.

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