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Artist Statement

zMuch of my work contains historic references to science and philosophy and explores the perceptual and psychological phenomena that occur and operate at the thresholds of our consciousness; the mysterious space that exists between seeing and knowing, the familiar and the unknown, the actual and the imagined.
I use a cross disciplinary approach that combines traditional printmaking processes such as etching, aquatint, drypoint and collagraph with the complimentary skills of bookbinding, and the production of artists books and multiples. The work often incorporates the use of found, made or appropriated objects to access underlying themes and to stir meaning through the evocation of memory, association and suggestion.
The inclusion of the book for me is vital, both as a universally accepted transmitter of culture and knowledge and tactile art object. An encounter with a book can be intimate and revelatory; they have the ability to emanate a sacredness, a presence or a history. The reader is invited to embark on a journey, to re-visit a time and space that lies beyond pure physicality.

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