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Ivy Smith

I am a figurative painter –printmaker. My principal print method is relief (both lino and woodcut) but I also use etching.

My main area of interest is the figure. I am interested in people’s particularity and humanity, and in the dynamic relationships made by unconsidered movements and interactions, and the expressive possibilities these lead to in, for instance, the positions of head and hands. My concerns are also strongly abstract, valuing an underlying geometry of composition and the sense of the picture plane given by this, and also defined shape, and rich colour. I wish to maintain the truth that this is art not reality, while simultaneously expressing a very human connection with my subjects. All my work is an attempt to combine the particular with the formal.

My prints and paintings relate closely, as I will explore an idea through both media, and I feel that over the years the ways of working have influenced each other quite strongly. A series of twelve watercolours of Whitlingham Marsh led to a large woodcut and two etchings, and recent work includes large-scale paintings of groups of swimmers, and linocuts of single swimmers. My prints are not the paintings in a different form, but are a new idea tried in a different medium.

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